A note from the President, December 2017


I’m writing this on Sunday December 3rd, it was near 60 *F this afternoon. So far, this season it seems that winter has been put on hold… should not have put the Thompson “to bed” so soon, maybe could have gotten in another perch fishing trip out a couple of outboards that need attention I have an antique side chair that will be refinished and upholstered and a 1930’s vintage radio that will have its mahogany case refinished. I would guess that you to have lined up a list of projects that will keep you busy until “gas – up” time next spring. on Lake Erie. Now slap me back to Michigan reality. Weather forecast for next week contains the dreaded “S” word. So, it’s time to begin assessing what projects and motors will fill the winter “to do “list. As for me, besides

Your Great Lakes Chapter Board of Directors met on November 5th. The board members are the elected leadership of the chapter. The Board Members are;
President – Joe Brincat
Vice- President – Dan Jones
Secretary/ Treasurer – Mark Carney
GLC Newsletter Editor – Louis Doering
National Publication Correspondent – Bill Guenther
Water Events Safety Coordinator – Roger DeBiasi
Trustee – John Brice
Trustee – Orvin Fergerson


Board members normal term of office is two years, with the terms of the Trustees on a staggered cycle. Since elections were last January, the terms of all officers with the exception of the second Trustee will run through 2018. At the upcoming January business meeting the second trustee position held by Orvin will expire. An election for this position will be held, consider putting your name in nomination for this position on the board. It’s an opportunity to have greater input in the running of the chapter.
You will note that after a long vacancy the position of Vice-President is now filled. Dan Jones, long time club member was elected last January to a two-year term. I am personally thankful to Dan for stepping up to the job and lending a hand.

Several items of chapter business were addressed at the board meeting. Here is an overview…


Membership and Financial Status. – Your Chapter membership now stands at 129. That’s up from 114 last year. Although there is always some fluidity in these numbers depending on renewals. The chapter financial situation is in good shape this year largely due to a successful Constantine meet. Because we are in good shape, the board has elected to hold the annual chapter dues at $10.

The Chapter newsletter – The cost of printing and mailing your copy of “Liquid Assets” remains the largest recurring cost incurred by the chapter. At $1.30 a copy and $0.49 postage for a total of $1.79. Many other organizations have gone exclusively to electronic copies of newsletters in an effort to save money. Personally, I like the “hard copy” and I know that we have some members that are not “e” connected. For the foreseeable future we will continue printing and mailing the newsletter. However, with the new enhancement to our chapter website we will have the capability to offer the newsletter in “e” fashion for those that prefer this format. We are not there yet but are working on it … “stay tuned”, as they used to say. You can read about the new website that Travis is building in a following article.

Communication to membership – On a related “e” topic…. Our Webmaster Travis Kerbrat (a busy guy!) has put together a system that will allow sending e-mails to the chapter membership, either as individuals or as the group at large. Through a new G-Mail account greatlakesfixerjo@gmail.com we now have the capability to communicate to the membership in a timely manner any urgent news such as last-minute changes to meet plans etc. Since this system relies on having accurate e-mail addresses, be sure that you keep us informed of any changes. A good time to do that is when you turn in your membership renewal form at the beginning of the year. Be sure that we have your correct information.


Chapter roster – It has been suggested that a Great Lakes Chapter membership roster be made available to all the chapter members. This would be a handy reference for members in contacting others in the chapter. Names, addresses, phone numbers and e- mail addresses would be included, similar to what we all have with the national directory. I think that this is a good idea and would enhance communication and cooperation between chapter members. What do you think? I’ll be asking for your opinion at the January meeting.


Recruitment/ new members – In the last couple of years we have done some advertising of selected meets to the public through Craig’s List, postings and news media. As a result, we have seen some new faces at our meets. We will continue and expand this effort for 2018. Note that only those meets that are in a public venue and with the expressed permission of the host would be considered for public “advertising”. To make this recruitment effort successful, you, as established members have an individual responsibility to extend a welcoming hand to any “new face” that appears at a meet. I’ll make a point of asking new folks to introduce themselves and say a few words about their interest in the hobby. As our editor Louis likes to say, “Remember that that stranger may turn out to be your new best friend”


Meet Schedule for 2018 – The 2018 meet schedule will pretty much follow the pattern of last year. There will however be some changes of focus on four of our familiar meets. Algonac, Constantine, Dossin and Port Huron. Be sure to read the particulars in the specific meet notices.
At our two wet meets, spring and fall at Big Fish Lake, we will continue ratcheting up the “fun meter” by introducing new “on water” competitive events with valuable prizes. So be sure to have those boats and motors ready…. ready for anything!



               Chapter Membership Renewal – just a reminder. For most of us our chapter membership expires at the end of the calendar year. Check your mailing label, the two-digit number following you name indicates the year of your current membership. A renewal form is included with this newsletter, mail it to our treasurer Mark Carney with your check made out to him or see him at the January meeting.

So much for “business”, Hope to see you all on January 20, 2018 at the VFW hall in Southfield for our first meet and annual business meeting. We will again be serving a great lunch, “People’s Choice Awards” for display motors and LOTS and LOTS of parking lot space for swap & sell. Let’s pray that the weather will be as mild as it was last year.


Best Regards,
(and if this newsletter arrives in time … Merry Christmas)

Joe Brincat
President, Great Lakes Chapter – AOMCI