President’s message 2020 

A Note from the President … December 2019 

Hello fellow “Outboarders” and Great Lakes Chapter Members. We are wrapping up another great year of blue smoke and water fun. I’m sure that most of us have tucked away the boats for a long winters nap and moved our winter project motors into the warmth of the workshop or basement. Despite the initial very wintery blast that befell us in mid-November, mother nature has been pretty kind for the last couple of weeks. The temperature today is 48 *F ( 9*C for our Canadian friends).  Not too bad, matter of fact I heard that our friends John and George at Northwestern Boat were heading out to Whitmore Lake today to do a final test run and tune on an outboard they had been working on. For me, I have this Evinrude Model N that I have been fussing with for way too long. If you were at Mark Suter’s meet you may have seen it running in the test tank… and I must say the only motor that ran that day. When I put it together, I knew that the lower unit needed more work, that’s where I’m at now, new bearings and gear alignment needed. 

Your board of directors meet on November 2, 2019 to begin planning the meets and events for 2020. The Great Lakes Chapter board members are…

President, Joe Brincat                                                 Vice President, Dan Jones

Secretary/ Treasurer, Mark Carney                            Newsletter Editor, Louis Doering

Water Event / Safety, Roger Debiasi/ Gary Lauer      National Mag Correspondent, John Brice

First Trustee, Gary Hirschlieb                                     Second Trustee, John Gavasso

In addition to planning events for the upcoming year, other issues discussed were …

  • The January meeting is our annual business meeting, elections will be held for all board positions except the carry over 2nd Trustee position. Nominations from the membership are to be STRONGLY encouraged. THINK IT OVER! Its your club, help make great.
  • Chapter dues to remain at $10 however food at the several meets will be charged at cost to the participants or by donation, this due to anticipated reduction in income.
  • Discussed were options for a mid-summer large swap meet. 
  • Discussed were options for added “water events” including a major cruise type event. 
  • Topics in way of increasing membership and general participation…
  • More aggressive advertising of meets
  • Face Book presence for our chapter
  • New member – a one on one “mentorship “program
  • More frequent communication to members … “post card” event reminders
  • E-Mail option for our newsletter – reduce costs and increase content
  • People’s Choice Awards – perhaps too many? 

As GLC chapter members you are encouraged to discuss these topics and issues with the leadership, give us your ideas and opinions as to how to improve the chapter, make “outboarding” more fun. Better yet, become a leader, throw your hat in the ring, put your name in nomination for one of the Board of Directors’ positions at the January meeting. WE NEED YOU!  

The year 2020 will bring some significant changes for our chapter. For sure you will have a new president… yah’ I know that you have heard that line before, but this year it’s for sure! Another big change will involve our chapter’s relationship with the Constantine meet. As you may know, from its inception some 23 years ago this meet has been co-sponsored by our chapter and the Michiania Outboard Boating Chapter (MOB); the two chapters alternating annual leadership. In recent years this governance arrangement has become strained. Opinions were voiced that the workload was not fairly shared and that the MOB was doing the majority of the work.  In fairness, I will say that the MOB does contribute a large portion of the effort each year, noting that among other things, the safety boat and equipment trailer are maintained always provided by them. Nevertheless, your Great Lakes Chapter has always fulfilled its responsibilities in hosting the meet when our turn came around.  A significant part of this governance agreement was that the two chapters shared the proceeds from the meet 50/ 50.  At the conclusion of the meet this year (2019) this agreement was challenged by the MOB. The feeling expressed was that our chapter had not done its fair share of the work therefore we were not to receive our half of the meet profits.  To make a long story short; we ultimately did receive our 50% share, but we have now severed our relationship with the MOB for governance for the Constantine meet.  Our chapter will no longer participate in hosting this meet. My understanding is that the Constantine Meet will continue to be held as a MOB sponsored event. As individual AOMCI members we can participate as we would at any other sanctioned meet, however as a chapter the Great Lakes Chapter will no longer receive financial proceeds from this event. 

Looking forward to 2020, it should be another great year for both show, swap and water events. I hope to see many of you out making “blue smoke” , making new friends and having fun. 

Included in this newsletter is a listing of the early 2020 meets that have been confirmed to date. Stay tuned for further information on meets for the balance of the year. 

Don’t forget to RENEW your chapter membership. A renewal form is attached. And please take notice of the question about delivery preference… electronic (e-mail) or hard copy (snail mail). In an effort to reduce our single largest expenditure we are preparing for a future e-mail delivery option. The e-mail option will be of benefit to you with more content, better graphics and color photos.  Regardless of which delivery option you ultimately choose BE SURE THAT WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS listed on your 2020 registration form.  

Best Regards,


 See ya’ at the January meeting 

Joe Brincat